We are trying to dual license the PHPCR and Jackalope projects under the Apache License (current license) and additionally the MIT license. This tool helps us managing this effort.

Brian King



Project SHA1 Trivial/Deleted Created
jackalope/jackalope 941e23260e8dafa1ef96185c84280195c7c5424d Not trivial 19.03.2012
jackalope/jackalope-jackrabbit f7a089e42311d706e5430eac22359fb3c2d5e132 Not trivial 20.03.2012
phpcr/phpcr-api-tests 8c28daeedd7ef2b3fe4bd92ea72b6634af0408c2 Not trivial 20.03.2012
jackalope/jackalope bf796a71d772c62f16336f52b58594eda99063ad Not trivial 20.03.2012
jackalope/jackalope 870df04bc5a5411b4a2827cf5acc95c459539164 Not trivial 22.03.2012