We are trying to dual license the PHPCR and Jackalope projects under the Apache License (current license) and additionally the MIT license. This tool helps us managing this effort.

Beau Simensen



Project SHA1 Trivial/Deleted Created
phpcr/phpcr 32316d345e7578869f76c35dcb9e0536d1d8f4c1 Not trivial 20.04.2012
phpcr/phpcr-utils 8f584e2d4d7ec6dd110e10dbbf2ce145e55730b3 Not trivial 12.09.2012
jackalope/jackalope-jackrabbit 0bb72a54923d152cb3947c00d7318355f300759f Not trivial 13.09.2012
jackalope/jackalope-doctrine-dbal 96eaaa21ac122945d17e71b5792a2ca456a39740 Not trivial 25.09.2012