We are trying to dual license the PHPCR and Jackalope projects under the Apache License (current license) and additionally the MIT license. This tool helps us managing this effort.

Christian Stocker



Project SHA1 Trivial/Deleted Created
phpcr/phpcr 25884af236693594b96ddd66e3d076d283cacf15 Not trivial 23.04.2009
phpcr/phpcr 25df729b5fe30dc84d96ba9354414732c62276c8 Not trivial 23.04.2009
phpcr/phpcr 567f6ba786c373a1bee25ff418c841386e79d222 Not trivial 12.03.2012
phpcr/phpcr 3ae135742a631df04c33840a668fc42103cdcadb Not trivial 11.04.2012
phpcr/phpcr b9195e4f3d00ce014b157b9355af530099d602f7 Not trivial 12.04.2012